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The Super Vent is the Repair Unit with the addition of a correctly proportioned Smoke Chamber design, constructed of type 316 stainless steel for lifetime durability.

BSV dimensions

Color options

Both the BSV and BCC Bellfires are available in several different colors including black shown below.

BCC (Close Clearance)
The BELLFIRES Close Clearance Fireplace (Wood Floor & Non-Wood Floor Models)

BCC Models are complete modular fireplaces. They may be installed with close clearances to combustibles and incorporate firebox and smoke chamber all within a sheet metal enclosure. They are normally coupled to an insulated chimney system incorporating a damper. High temperature insulation keeps all outer surfaces at safe temperatures.

To complete an installation a hearth stone projecting in front of the unit must be installed as well as non-combustible surround trim on three sides of the opening. This trim must include small returns at each side of the unit to cover the steel enclosure which would otherwise be exposed to view. The firebox hearth section of refractory material also must be covered unless the unit is recessed below floor level. Models range from the BCC 19 giving a clear opening of 24″ x 21″ to the BCC 36 giving a clear opening of 40″ x 34″ for the tall model.

BCC dimensions

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