Freestanding Stoves

A Free Standing Stove or Fireplace Insert Adds Economical and Enjoyable Warmth to Your Home

Fireplace Inserts

Wood or gas-burning fireplace inserts offer an elegant choice for existing masonry or factory-built fireplace openings.

Wood stoves

The free-standing stove combines distinctive, traditionally-inspired aesthetics with advanced non-catalytic and catalytic technology. Excellent idea for adding extra heat to a home.

Gas stoves

Modern technology lets you appreciate the look of an old fashioned wood stove with modern conveniences such as a remote control and no need to use wood. Gas Stoves, Inserts, and Fireplaces require less service than any other hearth products.

Pellet stoves

Pellet stoves give off excellent heat. Pellets are made from wood waste material and are therefore a recycled material. In addition, wood is a renewable fuel (it continues to grow!). Most pellet stoves burn quite cleanly–so very little pollution is released.


If you would like to have a fireplace insert or free standing stove in your home, call us today at 866-358-3832 to find out the many ways we can meet your needs.

Here or some Freestanding Stoves installed by FTI:

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