Zero Clearance Fireplaces

A Zero Clearance Fireplace Can be Added Almost Anywhere in Your Home

Zero clearance fireplaces are an ideal choice for installation in close quarters or next to combustible materials. They can be safely installed with wooden framing directly against the metal stand-offs on the fireplace’s cabinet. Backed up to a combustible wall or inserted into an opening cut into the wall and then framed in with standard wood framing, a zero clearance fireplace is an ideal way to add a fireplace to your construction or remodel plans without the expense and hassle of building a masonry fireplace structure.

Zero clearance fireplace are pre fabricated fireplaces for new construction or renovation. These types of fireplaces can be gas wood or pellet.

Below is a completed zero clearance unit with a marble surround and a mantle installed.

From the removal of the old unit to the installation of the new.

Refractory Cement Walls

Refractory cement is a high-tech composite of tempered alumina and woven ceramic silica material that is designed to withstand heat and high temperatures. It can be used safely and effectively to replace damaged walls in your existing fireplace.

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