Hearth Country Ash Vacuum

Hearth Country Ash Vacuum Only There's no escaping the fact that wood-burning and pellet appliances create a lot of messy ashes. With an A.W. Perkins Hearth Country Ash Vacuum, though, you can at least make cleaning them up a snap. An 820W motor with 85 CFMs makes this vacuum powerful enough to handle any size mess and a four-gallon capacity means you'll be able to go for long periods without having to stop to empty the canister. A flexible five-foot hose also ensures that you'll be able to get into all of those tight fireplace corners. Of course, it doesn't matter how well a hearth vacuum cleaner performs if it isn't durable. That's why the A.W. Perkins Hearth Country Ash Vacuum's design incorporates features like a double-insulated bottom and a mesh profilter to protect the filter from accidental contact with hot debris. No matter how frequently you use it, this is one hearth maintenance tool you'll be able to count on year after year. Features: Effectively removes cold ashes from wood and pellet hearths. HEPA filtering system. Double-insulated bottom. Metal mesh profilter protects filter from hot debris. Features a powerful 820W motor and 85 CFMs. Filter can be cleared without removing the lid. Large 4-gallon canister. 5' flexible aluminum hose.