HeatShield Cerfractory Flue Sealant

Solve Your Flue Mortar Joint Problems With Our Pressurized Flue Joint Repair System

During original construction, it is not uncommon for masons to improperly align the flue liners or neglect to fill the joints between the flue liners with the appropriate refractory mortar. Standard mortar in the joints of flue liners cannot withstand the adverse heat and moisture conditions present in a chimney environment.

The result of using standard mortar is rapid deterioration of the joint, ultimately leaving dangerous openings between the flue liners. Our FlueTech technicians are experienced in treating these problems thoroughly and easily with our pressurized joint filling system.

Custom made foam applicators are made to the same diameter as the flue. When the applicator is passed through the flue, high temperature U.L. listed refractory mortar is forced into the cracks to fill and bridge them. Mineral fiber reinforcement in the mortar ensures that the wet material will not pour or leak away through larger cracks. The application is guaranteed for 20 years.

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