Air Duct Cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning and Sanitizing Improves Air Quality and Health

FlueTech has duct cleaning equipment that is large enough to handle commercial jobs and small enough to fit into tight places in homes, offices, and apartments.

What is Indoor Air Quality?

A healthy indoor environment is one in which the surroundings contribute to productivity, comfort, and a sense of health and well-being. The qualities of good indoor air include:

  • Introduction and distribution of adequate ventilation air;
  • Control of airborne contaminants;
  • Maintenance of acceptable temperature and relative humidity;
  • Poor indoor air quality can cause problems and have serious consequences such as:
    • Increasing health problems such as cough, eye irritation, headache, and allergic reactions;
    • Reduced productivity due to discomfort & stress and increased absenteeism;
    • Accelerated deterioration of furnishings and equipment; and
    • Strained relations between employees and employers or household inhabitants.

The Air Duct Cleaning Process

  • The system will be tested for proper operation.
  • The air handler unit will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.
  • All of the vent registers will be removed and thoroughly cleaned.
  • The entire air duct system will be cleaned and deodorized.
  • The vent registers are re-installed and the system is tested for proper operation.

FlueTech’s trained technicians can provide the professional and reliable air duct system cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorization you need. Call us today at 866-358-3832 for informed answers to your questions about our services for your home, office, or building.

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