We hold licenses in all areas we operate (where required).

**Please let us know if your building dept is located in a town other than your mailing address.

The Permit Process

*Remember, the permit process can take up to 4 weeks (or longer) for approval, depending on your municipality. *

Permit fees due to the town are the clients’ responsibility and are not included in our quote. They are additional.

Just a few things for you to know…

  1. The permit application process could take 3 to 4 weeks depending on your permit office.
  2. We may need you to help us obtain the application.
  3. We may need you (or the homeowner) to notarize some pieces of the application (per your permit office).
  4. We do not employ staff solely devoted to obtaining permits. You may want to directly follow up with your town to get status updates on the permit.
  5. Flue Tech charges a fee for completing all paperwork, attaching all material specs, postage and followups. This fee is nonrefundable. This fee is above the fee to your town which is the clients’ responsibility.
  6. You will be required to pick up and pay for the permit once ready at your local building dept once complete.
  7. A final inspection will be required by your town once work is complete. This is the homeowners’ responsibility to schedule (Flue Tech may or may not need to be present depending on your town).

Permits are for the clients’ benefit and are required for certain work in certain municipalities. Our office will do everything we can to fill out and submit the paperwork to the proper office but we do not have a dedicated staff to picking up, following up or completing applications. As the permitting and inspection process is to benefit the homeowner directly, the client may be needed for certain portions of the process such as but not limited to, paying and picking up the permit, answering building dept questions or being home for final inspection.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to call us: 866-358-3832

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