Chase Covers

The Right Chase Cover Saves You Money and Prevents Costly Chimney Damage

Your chimney chase cover may be the key to that “unsolvable” leak problem. Chase covers are designed to complete the termination at the top of your chimney and keep water out. Think of it as the roof for your chimney. We all know what happens when a roof has a hole in it or is not designed properly: you get a leak. If your chase cover is leaking, it can cause thousands of dollars in damage that you may not be able to see until it is too late.

Flue Tech provides custom made stainless steel or copper chases with extended collars so there is no need for storm collars, which can eventually leak. Welded corners on the skirt and a pitched roof improve rain runoff and prevent leakage. We have been installing custom chase covers for over 12 years and thoroughly understand what it takes to do the job right the first time.

*All Stainless steel chase covers are guaranteed against rust

Does your chase cover look like the one on the left? It had years of caulking buildup and rust along with the wood trim rotting. After removing the old chase and rotting wood we made a custom stainless steel chase cover just for this client, and it came out great!

Chase covers come in many different colors: stainless, brass, copper, black, or we can paint it to match any application you may have.

Call us today at 866-358-3832 for more information on our wide selection of chase covers and how our technicians can solve your chimney top leaks.

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