Chimney Caps and Dampers

Choose the Right Chimney Cap for Flue Protection and Heat Savings

Chimney caps serve a number of purposes, including improving home safety, preventing nesting material hazards and weather problems, and avoiding costly repairs and heat loss. Draft induction fans ensure a constant draft to eliminate smoking fireplace problems.

Chimney Caps and Spark Arrestors

Also referred to as “spark arrestors” these products are used to keep out animals and elements, and they keep water out of a flue to slow deterioration of masonry chimneys. The mesh is perfect for keeping out squirrels and birds. On the right are just a few photos of caps we can install for you. There are many other choices not shown.

*All stainless steel caps are guaranteed against rust

Copper Chimney Pots

European copper chimney pots enhance the architecture, appearance, and chimney safety of your home. They are made of 100% copper and stainless steel and feature a lifetime warranty. In addition, they provide excellent rain protection, deter pests, assist in chimney draft, and serve as a spark arrestor. They are rust-proof and, other than a yearly inspection when your chimney professional visits, require no maintenance.

Top Lock Dampers

Top lock dampers eliminate 90% of the winter heat and summer cooling loss that leaks past your current damper. It also eliminates down drafts and keeps moisture and animals out of your chimney and home. Moisture in your chimney causes unwelcome odors and leads to deterioration of bricks and mortar.

A top lock damper/cap combo combines a cap into the damper system which provides protection when open.

Custom Orders

We can make a custom cap for your installation. Caps can be painted to fit any application and ordered to fit any size. We can also make caps that fit more than one flue.

Call us today at 866-358-3832 for more information on our wide selection of chimney caps and related equipment.

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