Golden Flue, Cast-In-Place Lining/Resurfacing

Golden Flue Cast-in-place Lining Systems  Deliver Superior Safety and Performance

Golden Flue is the most advanced liner system known today and the best cure for any chimney problem. It is also the best value for the money spent. Golden Flue is a UL listed product that has been used daily in the United States since 1979. That’s 32 years in the field, and it has passed the test of time for its duration.

We use Golden Flue UL listed and Warnock Hersey approved high temperature cement that eliminates most heat transfer, which is the most common cause of structural fires. Golden Flue withstands temperatures in excess of 2100 F, and the product’s flowability makes it ideal for sealing voids and cracks

Our advanced equipment can remove the existing flue tile, and in some cases it is not necessary to remove anything. A rubber bladder is inserted into the chimney and inflated to the desired flue dimension. Metal spring-like coils are wrapped around the bladder about every two feet top to bottom allowing space between the flue and the exterior wall for Golden Flue cement to fill. A Golden pump is used to pump the Golden mix into the chimney.

This process creates a round, smooth, insulated, solid structural supportive flue system, and the installation carries a 20 year guarantee. With a Golden Flue cast-in-place lining system, flues are insulated, keeping flue temperatures higher, which creates better draft and less condensation.

To find out more about the advantages of a Golden Flue cast-in-place lining system, call us today at 866-358-3832. We’ll give you accurate information and reliable answers to your flue liner questions.

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