Stainless Steel Lining Systems

Use Stainless Steel Chimney Flue Liners and Stack Extensions for Lasting Value and Performance

Chimney re-lining is generally needed when a masonry chimney has been damaged, unsafe or un-repairable or the appliance being connected to the chimney requires a liner. The advantages of a stainless steel chimney liner are improved draft by sizing the liner to the appliance, hotter core temperatures, improved safety, easier cleaning, and longevity.

We can custom make any diameter or length of oval, round, square, or rectangle liners and also carry all alloys, 304, 316L, 316TI, plus AL29-4C. 1ply, rigid, 2 ply smooth wall or heavy. Our liners can have tee connections with multiple appliance inputs, tee caps, stove adaptors, and top plates. All have lifetime guarantees. These lining systems can be wrapped with ceramic fiber blanket insulation or they can be surrounded with poured insulation.

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