Proform Chimney Restoration

image04.jpgWhat is ProForm Chimney Restoration?

ProForm Chimney Restoration is a non-destructive chimney lining system which conforms to any shape, size or length chimney.  ProForm Chimney Restoration is  a corrosion-proof, flame and heat resistant, airtight liner tube made of a composite material with the rigidity of steel, without seams and a fraction of the weight.



The material of DualFuel-ProForm made from three main

(i) Interlocking tube-shaped sleeve for installation purpose only- will be removed after steam curing.

(ii) Prepreg layer- This is glass fiber reinforced thermosetting resin with ceramic filler, a so-called composite material. this part facing flue gas –after item 1 removed before using...

(iii) Exterior Fiber- This layer made from special fabric non-elastic outer layer to prevent physical abuse.

The liner is initially flexible in shape easy to insert in brick chimney, tied top end to seal for any steam to leak, apply steam at bottom of the liner up to 300 deg F and pressure up to 2.25 psi for two hours until it cured as a solid construction.

DualFuel-ProForm chimney liner is to be installed in masonry chimneys used to vent gas or oil fired appliances only. The liners are manufactured in sizes of 3 in. to 40 in. outside diameters. The chimney liners are intended for installation in masonry chimneys having a minimum height of 25 ft. and a maximum height of 350 ft.

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