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Let our experienced technicians help you maintain a healthy environment in your home or office.

Air Duct Cleaning

Flue Tech’s trained technicians provide the professional and reliable air duct system cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorization you need.

A healthy indoor environment is one in which the surroundings contribute to productivity, comfort, and a sense of health and well-being. The qualities of good indoor air include:

  • Introduction and distribution of adequate ventilation air
  • Control of airborne contaminants
  • Maintenance of acceptable temperature and relative humidity

Poor air quality can create a number of problems, including allergic reactions, reduced productivity, and the accelerated deterioration of furnishings and equipment.

Air Duct Cleaning Process

Flue Tech’s air duct cleaning equipment is large enough to handle commercial jobs and small enough to fit into tight places in homes, offices, and apartments.

Our air duct cleaning process includes:

  • Testing of your system for proper operation
  • Thoroughly cleaning and sanitizing the air handler unit 
  •  Cleaning and deodorizing the entire air duct system
  • Reinstalling vent registers 
  • Tested the clean system for proper operation

Flue Tech’s trained technicians provide the professional and reliable air duct cleaning that you need. Give us a call at 866-Flue-Tech or visit our schedule service page to make an appointment today.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will come to your home, cut a hole in the main trunk line (access to your unit) and attach our negative air machine, which is essentially a large moble vacuum. We will then move from vent to vent in each room, remove the vents and cover them. Then moving room to room again we will use an air whip to loosen dust and debris and force it to the negative air machine. After each room is airwhipped we will then spray a sticky disenfecting fog into the system. The process takes a full day.

Pricing for air duct cleanings is based on the number of number of units (exterior air condensers outside the home). We do not charge by the number of air ducts.

Air duct cleaning can take up to a full day depending on the number of vents and the property size.

We work Monday through Saturday. Operating appointments are 9am to 4pm weekdays and 12pm to 4pm Saturday. We narrow timing the day prior and then call or text the day of when we are on the way. We try to give as much notice as possible. Please visit our scheduling page or call us at 866-358-3832 to schedule your appointment.

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