Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces provide versatile style and easy maintenance

The possibilities for today’s modern gas fireplaces are endless. Warm up a home office with the flick of a switch. Add drama to your gourmet kitchen with a floating fireplace. Put your feet up and instantly relax with the touch of a remote control. 

Gas-powered fireplaces provide all of the style and none of the maintenance associated with wood-burning fireplaces, and can be placed nearly anywhere in your home (even the bathroom). The most popular type of gas-powered fireplace is the Direct Vent.

Direct Vent Gas Fireplaces

Direct Vent fireplaces are sealed in a glass firebox and draw air from the outside for combustion while sending exhaust back outside the home. 

Direct vent fireplaces do not need the use of your chimney; they can be vented through an exterior wall or even up through your roof. There’s no limit to the design we can implement with a direct vent; go modern or go traditional. They are a perfect way to take the chill off a room without engaging your entire heating system. 

Direct vents are over 80% more efficient than a wood-burning fireplace, as heat is not lost up the chimney. They are a safe, energy-efficient way to bring warmth and style to any room of your home. 

And don’t forget the outside of your home – these fireplaces make great additions to patios, outdoor kitchens, and pool areas.

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