Vapor Burning Fireplaces

Vapor burning fireplaces are versatile, beautiful and safe

Vapor burning fireplaces run on electricity and water. That’s right – water. Water vapor is lit by energy-efficient LED lights and provide the illusion of dancing flames. This is the most versatile type of fireplace, as it can be installed anywhere in your home or commercial space with access to an electrical outlet.

If you prefer the modern, sleek look of today’s design, but have no room to store wood or don’t want to worry about venting to the outside, a water vapor-burning fireplace might be for you. Or perhaps you’re redesigning an office building or hotel lobby and you’re concerned about public safety. A vapor burning fireplace is an excellent choice.

Vapor Burning Fireplaces Provide Ambience without Heat

Vapor burning fireplaces offer a safe way to enjoy the illusion of fire without changing the air quality in your space. There is no chopping or storing of wood, no additional fuel costs, and as the flames are cold, there’s no danger of hot surfaces or sparks. (Especially important for homes with children or pets.)

Vapor burning fireplaces also don’t pollute the air. Because they run on tap water and electricity, there is no risk of harmful emissions.

Vapor Fireplaces are Perfect for Public Spaces

These fireplaces are perfect for hotels, offices, or other public places as an open design can be maintained with little worry about public safety. Simply switch it off at the end of the day. There’s no cool down period, no ash to clean up, and no hot surfaces when the flame is gone.

Vapor burning fireplaces come in a variety of sizes and styles. Many come with options to change the color of the flame, adding a festive touch to family gatherings or public events.

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